Portuguese w/ Neurolanguage Coaching­®

If you’re looking for an innovative method to learn Brazilian Portuguese, this is for you!

Not only will you learn Portuguese, but you will also immerse yourself in our diverse culture and language!


✔ Unique delivery with brain-friendly coaching communication
✔ As an ICF Accredited Course we bring elements from the coaching profession:
« ICF standards
« goal and action setting, motivation, commitment, goal review
✔ Ability to spontaneous troubleshoot and coach emotional triggers and blocks relating to language
✔ Ability to coach and troubleshoot around the learning process (eg commitment)


✔ Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology
✔ unique personalized/individualized roadmap to each learner
✔ Diagnose how that particular learner learns
✔ We create the bridge between neuroscience and practice

NL process

✔ Totally different structure to traditional language learning
✔ Everything in NL process is following how the brain learns best
✔ Unique models – 3Ms, 5Cs, PACT PQC, PROGRESS

Reasons to study using the Neurolanguage Coaching®

✔ More efficient and effective
✔ We don’t follow books – we follow each learner
✔ Client discovers own way
✔ Process generates full autonomy/empowerment
✔ Certainty
✔ Whole process Brain Friendly
✔ Endless increase of Self-awareness
✔ Equal status coach/coachee
✔ Life changing learning experience
✔ Focus on cost effectiveness
✔ Potentially faster language learning
✔ Provoking continuous “aha” moments with the language
✔ Content and input always dependent on clients wishes

Wanna know more about the sessions and prices?


Contact us

We’re going to schedule a trial lesson or a short meeting for you to get to know my working style with Neurolanguage® Coaching.
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Online sessions

Thinking about flexibility and the possibility of having sessions anywhere around the world, as long as you have a stable Internet connection, we offer sessions via online tools.


Unique Study Plans

Every brain is unique. For this reason, every client sets their own goals and receives a custom plan which consists of goals and activities adjusted according to their interests, best learning ways, and focus.

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